To begin work together, Dr. Eskenazi assesses your reasons for seeking care and begins to understand you individually through a your career, social, familial and psychological history and mental status examination. If deemed necessary, this may involve blood tests, head imaging and referral to other medical and mental-health specialists. 


Medications can play an important role in the management of several types of moderate to severe mental health issues if appropriate. After thorough evaluation, Dr. Eskenazi can help you through the steps of medication initiation, maintenance , or if you are already on medication and it is indicated, discontinuation. This includes taking into consideration how a medication may affect you personally, in order to enhance effectiveness and minimize any possible side effects.


"Talk therapy", as psychotherapy is also called, is also an effective treatment in conjunction with medication management. Part of Dr. Eskenazi's comprehensive evaluation is to determine which type of psychotherapy might be of most benefit for you. Some kinds of talk therapy that Dr. Eskenazi provides include: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (working to improve self-understanding and overall psychological functioning including unconscious drives), Cognitive Behavioral therapy (understanding automatic thoughts and behaviors and learning how to take control over them), Motivational Interviewing (finding the motivation to change unhealthy habits / behaviors) and Supportive Psychotherapy (working to maintain psychological health and functionality in the face of life challenges such as relationships, health issues, relocation and career issues). 


If you already have a psychotherapist with whom you enjoy working and request to see Dr. Eskenazi for consultation or if you require a specialized form of psychotherapy that he does not provide, he is still able to be part of your care team. Dr. Eskenazi is part of a referral network that includes providers of Addiction Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Group Therapy, and Couple's Counseling among others.