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Dr. Daniel Eskenazi is a fully licensed, board-certified, general adult psychiatrist with a private practice in Manhattan's Upper West Side who specializes in psychopharmacology and psychotherapy as well as coordination of care for medical issues. His approach is personalized, integrative and compassionate. 

Dr. Eskenazi has extensive experience in a wide range of mental health issues, including helping people with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, attention-deficit disorder, substance use disorders, and psychotic-illness spectrum disorders. He also helps patients creative narrative in their lives regarding long-standing personal struggles and issues and how personality impacts self-care and relationships with others. As a fully licensed medical doctor he understands the challenges patients with medical illness face and is attuned to how this impacts how they feel. 

Dr. Eskenazi's practice philosophy is to help you live your most fulfilling life, despite whichever challenges that you face. In order to understand your issues he begins with a comprehensive evaluation and then engages you in a discussion of the best treatment options for you.